Bed Head Unit

NTC100 Horizontal Bed Head Unit

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Bedhead Rumah Sakit merupakan material aluminium profile sebagai kelengkapan arsitektural yang didalamnya ada accecories seperti stop kontak, saklar, outlet, dan nurse call. Foto tersebut adalah Bed Head NTC100 Horizontal. Suricon menjual Bedhead rumah sakit dengan harga terjangkau
  • Panel color and pattern can be customized according to customer requirements
  • Added gas terminal cover to keep the gas terminal clean and hygienic
  • Continuous single or double side lamps are available, adding an aesthetic appreciation
  • Designed in accordance with HTM2022 standard
  •  Length according to request
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Applications: general wards, ICU, PACU, ED/TRAUMA