Medical Regulators

Medical Regulator MFB Series EMS Regulator


  1. All brass construction in high pressure, low pressure and relief zones
  2. Durable and easy to grip flow selector
  3. The specially drilled orifices provide superior liter flow accuracy of 12 Flow Selections
  4. Brass internal components – no aluminum wetted by high pressure oxygen
  5. Durable and secure flow controller made of brass
  6. Hose barb secured using robust thread to reduce chance of breakage
  7. Viton ® and silicone O-rings
  8. Inlet pressure: 500-3000psi
  9. Max Outlet flow: 180 LPM
  10. Sintered filter for additional safety and to extend regulator life
  11. Overall dimensions: 6” long × 1.5″OD and 1.5″diameter gauge
  12. USA and international standard Inlet and outlet thread sizes are available